About Us

Alternative Energy Systems Inc. has been serving southern Oregon for 30 years — under our current name since 2007, and in partnership with The Solar Collection from 1980 to 2007. We sell, install, service, and repair all types of Solar Electric systems, various other renewable energy systems, and Hydronic Heating systems. We offer complete installation packages, working with our customers from the planning stages to final inspection. We are proud to have served more than a thousand satisfied customers. Quality is the highest priority in all facets of our work and our philosophy rests on providing the best service possible at competitive prices. We will be happy to provide a list of references or examples of our work upon request.

Helping Oregon move toward greater energy efficiency requires a commitment to continual learning and evaluation. We are committed to this goal. And, in today's world, hiring a trustworthy contractor with an excellent track record is of the utmost importance. Let us show you why we deserve your business.

Seaira Safady is the owner and president of Alternative Energy Systems. With over ten years of experience in all aspects of system design, installation, and service, there is nothing he can't handle. A southern Oregon native, he has completed college course work at Southern Oregon University and the University of Oregon. He takes pride in working with local residents who wish to follow their environmental values by increasing their energy independence, as well as their personal knowledge of renewable resources. He is an Oregon Tax Credit Certified Technician, Renewable Energy Technician, and a Licensed Boiler Installer.

Jesse Trenton, a strong member of the AES team, joined the firm in 2007. As a life-long Talent resident, he shares our goal of reducing dependence on imported energy, and knows that it will improve the quality of life for all southern Oregon residents. He enjoys the outdoor nature, and variety of our work. As a Renewable Energy Technician Apprentice and Boiler Installer Trainee, he is quickly mastering all aspects of our demanding trade.

Nick Elliott, the newest member of the AES team, joined the firm in 2012. He is eagerly and quickly absorbing all the information he can about the diverse trades which we perform. He firmly believes in our company goals of providing a better quality of life for our community for generations to come, and is working hard to help us improve the valley in which we all live. He hopes to join the apprenticeship program soon, to learn even more about our trade.

Geoff Dawson, the founder of Alternative Energy Systems, has been working in the Renewable Energy and Hydronics business for more than 30 years. Since he sold the business to his former employee, Seaira Safady in early 2012, he has taken on a consulting role for the company. As a long-time Ashland resident with a degree in general engineering from the University of Illinois, he enjoys the challenges of the more complex design aspects of renewable energy systems. He is an Oregon Tax Credit Certified Technician, Renewable Energy Technician, and a Licensed Boiler Installer. Hobbies like sailing and bicycling support his personal commitment to activities that don't leave a footprint on our planet.